¡Amanda’s Daily Snippets! 


It’s our last day in Oaxaca City and we were  almost done presenting our final presentations to Professor Monica Rankin  when the office staff at ICO Paraded into our room with a beautiful chocolate cake to thank us for coming and to wish us well on our journey home! 

08/11/2016 @ 7:55 pm

Today was a test of self. We departed Ixtepec at 9:45am, around 12 in the afternoon the AC in the van began to falter but we were assured not to worry. I then proceeded to doze off only to be shook from my slumber 40 minuets later to the van convulsing and making God only knows what kind of sound. The only thought in my mind at this time was “oh f**k”. Our van had broken down not even half way through the ride back to Oaxaca City, and we were in BFE in the mountains with sketchy cell service. The only plan was plan B, or in Spanish (there is NO PLAN!). After hanging out on the side of the highway for a bit we resorted to hitchhiking. Another van had pulled over to offer us assistance, and we eventually just decided that our best option would be to finish our journey in this crowded van of strangers. About two hours and a massive amount of terrorizing driving later we made it safely back to Oaxaca. Our 5 hour journey had turned into 8 hours, and we were traumatized, but it’s nothing that a couple of Bacardi and cokes couldn’t take care of.



We are all gathered around at our last group breakfast of the trip, and I can not help but feel a tinge of sadness. I am going to miss the comradery and daily exchange of inside jokes. Our little group has grown so close and I am thankful for this experience and for each and everyone of you! 

-Amanda Jones 



Sidd defeated Subodh in the battle for the right side of the bed!

-Amanda Jones


Traveling 5 hours in a van up ridiculously winding mountain roads to get to the city of Ixtepec. We made it in record time, but I’m sad to report we did not make it unscaved! We had to fight off a swarm of man eating flys, only for them to hunt us down again! We where all gathered around listening to the stories of the Doña of our host family in Ixtepec when out ankles and arms where feasted upon once again! 

-Amanda Jones


Epic battles have broken out among the men! Who will get the side of the bed with a bedside table?! 

-Amanda Jones 


Just a typical day in Oaxaca, I had breakfast with my host family then, I headed to the institute for my daily Spanish lessons. After a quick lunch break, we headed to Professor Monica Rankin’s to watch a film and hold a discussion over the last two films and our readings. I then returned home, picked up my dirty laundry, and dropped it off at the lavanderia. Currently I am at one of my favorite local spots in Oaxaca, it’s a little bar called El Xibre, it has good music, drinks, and food, and an even better staff that have become my friends! It’s a chill place to get some work done or unwind at the end of a long day. Karen is one of my friends that works here and I have a feeling we will be friends long after I depart from Oaxaca.

This is the amazing Karen, she reads at work when it’s slow on days like today
-Amanda Jones




Tonight I went to the Mezcal Festival with my friend Ellie (we met at the institute)! It was an amazing cultural  experience and a lot of fun!

^That is a real agave plant after it’s been harvested to make mezcal!

-Amanda Jones


Today we visited the Migrant Shelter COMI. We all really wanted to help out and do some work for the shelter, and we ended up sorting through a couple hundred pounds of donated potatoes!

-Amanda Jones


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