¡Festival de Mezcal! 

Last night I went to the Mezcal Festival in Oaxaca! It’s a yearly cultural festival that celebrates Mezcal! Mezcal is a big part of life in Oaxaca and it’s a craft that is held in high regard. The people of Oaxaca love their Mezcal and are extremely proud of it, and it was a real treat to be able to celebrate with them!

So many people and different booths sampeling and selling Mezcal!
Me with my friend Ellie and a very large agave plant after its been harvested to make Mezcal!
Probably my favorite Mezcal product, it’s kind of like a popsicle,but it ‘s made with mezcal, fruit, and a little bit of chili powder!
What I believe is a mini traditional still or todavía
Ellie dancing to a mariachi band with a very cute Oaxacqueño! I got a dance too!

I was gifted this ridiculous hat by a local chica who placed it on my head , told me I was pretty , and then kissed me on the cheek! Nedless to say I feel very special, even though the hat is way too small for my head!

By: Amanda Jones


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