Blast from the Past


Through a fascinating tour of a “1.5 level” health clinic, I learned much about the Mexican health care system. Much of the system is quite integrated, with dental procedures being done right next door to ultrasounds on pregnant women. There is also a great emphasis on preventative medicine in the form of lots of information targeted toward educating locals about healthy lifestyle choices and proper nutrition.


One of the things that struck me as quite fascinating is the usage of typewriters. These are still extensively used in psychologist’s offices to take notes and dictate while patients go through their history. In fact, the doctor told me that almost all clinic records are done by hand. He admits that it would be more efficient to move to an electronic system but that setup is not quite available yet. Only level 3 centers really use electronic record keeping to keep track of their patients. Still, the clinic functions effectively and offers special packages like oncology and psychiatry, making it a particularly important healthcare administration center for the surrounding areas.

Sidd Srivastava


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