Monte Alban


Today we all took an excursion to Monte Alban. Since Oaxaca is surrounded by mountains, it was finally time to experience them for ourselves. At Monte Alban, we had a Zapotec tour guide who told us about the indigenous history and his culture as being one of the “people from the clouds.” Much of Monte Alban was populated with relics of the past.


Here, it was said that people would play athletic games. However, the indigenous believe that it was also used as a civilized way to get through disputes. Most likely, 3 warriors from opposing factions would face off in the center while spectators watched. Sacrifices may also have taken place here. There were 2 types of sacrifices. One would be done in the name of honor. Children would be raised in great conditions to have the distinction of being sacrificed. The other type of sacrifice would be done in shame, usually reserved for enemies. In this type of sacrifice, males would be castrated and would suffer.

While the above picture was blocked off to preserve the structure from human interference, we were able to climb some of the other pyramids.


Overall, the view was gorgeous and we could see Oaxaca as a snapshot of how the indigenous population viewed the world, many years ago. It was evident why the people believed they descended from the clouds themselves.



Sidd Srivastava



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