Potatoes Galore


Today, we went to the migrant shelter to volunteer and offer our help. At first, it seemed like there was no work to be done because the amazing volunteers at the migrant shelter already had everything sorted out! As we were walking over to talk to the migrants we were greeted with the following sight.


“What were those for?” we wondered. The answer was quite obvious: to eat of course! These huge shipments of potatoes were dropped off to be used as food for the many migrants that came through the shelters. However, they needed to be sorted as there were plenty of potatoes that had already rotten and were not edible. Perfect, we could sort through them! The volunteer coordinator looked at us and said, “oh I didn’t know you guys wanted to get your hands dirty!” That’s exactly what we’re here for.

Through a combination of Spanish, gestures, and teamwork in general, we began sorting through the potatoes. Having never gone through potatoes before, I quickly became adept at identifying evidence of rot and decay. There was music playing, bad potatoes being thrown into bins like basketballs, and camaraderie when migrants helped us out as well. Even with so many helpers, the behemoth of the potato pile seemed unyielding. Luckily, we could judge our progress by the amount of crates we filled of good potatoes.


We ended up filling 15-20 crates full of good potatoes waiting to be cooked. As we left, we felt great knowing that our efforts would ease the jobs of both the migrants and volunteers that made the shelter possible.

Sidd Srivastava



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