Typical Afternoon


After having been in Oaxaca for 2 1/2 weeks, I have developed a pretty standard routine. Finishing class at 12 means I get to enjoy one of my favorite parts of the day: lunch.  I have fallen in love with the handmade tortas offered in the Institute’s cafeteria. After some trial-and-error during the first week, I have decided that tortas with tomato, avocado, quesillo, and chorizo comprise the perfect blend of flavor. Every single day I order two tortas for an absolute steal at 50 pesos. In fact, the kind cook knows me so well that I simply walk in and say “al mismo” (the same), drop my cash, and walk out. Since I know I’ll be working on Spanish and learning the culture/history of Mexico for the rest of the afternoon, I use my lunch time as a period to relax with friends, YouTube, or a good book. Por que no los tres?


Sidd Srivastava


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