More Hike and Bike

So the day after arriving, the group does a little work in the green house clearing out plants and unwanted weeds. We do manage to get through most of it before the group tires itself out and decides to spend time trying to get the donkey out front to eat something. It takes a while, but the other students do get a little more comfortable about petting it after I decide to do so.

Still, the group does freak out a bit when the donkey pulls its stake out of the ground and starts chewing on the nearby corn. Damage was only limited to two stalks before the stake is hammered back into the ground.

We go on another mini hike to get back to the lodges before we need to leave. I get a picture of one of the zip lines that we get to ride on later as well as a view from another of the watchtowers along our path.

Before we finally leave, Monica, Sidd, and I decide to go biking.

It was a terrible decision.

If hiking was bad in the mountains, biking uphill was even worse. All three of us had all but lost our breaths trying to finish it, and turning a corner to see even more uphill was going to give me nightmares later. Still, we managed to squeak our way back to the zipline earlier, where we got harnessed up and jumped off into thin air.

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t take pictures during the fall. It took a while to realize that I was completely fine, but looking down and seeing nothing was definitely an experience.

By the time we bike back, we had already delayed the group by a good hour or so, so we were ready to leave quickly.

Except that one time I saw a pony on the side of the road. I had to take a picture of that.

Steven Mao


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