The Second Hike

In the mountains again. This is the second hike with everyone in the group instead of only half. Lodgings for the weekend are pretty good, but we also got the more luxurious buildings up there. No wifi, of course, but we had electricity, which was already pretty good.

The hike starts soon after we arrive. More pictures of flowers and one mushroom holding a lot of water. There were a few complaints with one calling a hike a useless walk, but those mostly quiet down after we get to the waterfall.

The hiking path does eventually end up back on a road, making most of the way back a lot more straightforward. It is raining a bit now, but with how cooling it is, no one really complained about it. It did get me a few good pictures of dew covered spiderwebs too.

There is a sort of rest stop, which to our surprise had a crow hanging by a string over the entrance. It’s purpose was to scare off spirits, making it a sort of scarecrow. Path was pretty straightforward and not at all as winding as the first hiking trail. It took a while, but we did manage to make it back to the lodges.

We return, eventually. The pictures ahead are mostly of the view I could get from the watchtower in the town. After we ate, I wandered to the back of the dining area, where my eye caught a little flicker of light on the side of the building. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was how the building heated itself. Wood burned inside the little opening, and from the direction of the flames, air was being sucked into the building.

And that’ll be the end of the first day up here!

Steven Mao


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