Resumen del Etnógrafo

We were assigned to read The Ethnographer by Jose Luis Borges as a part of Spanish class. We were practicing phrases and interjections in class, so you will find various phrases scattered throughout this essay. Este historia es muy intersante y misterioso. El protagonista era una persona que estudiaba las lenguas indígenes. A él fue … More Resumen del Etnógrafo

Las obras de Manuel Álvarez Bravo y Roger Ballen

During the trip, I visited the Centro Fotográfico Álvarez Bravo to see the work of Manuel Álvarez Bravo and Roger Ballen (another featured photographer). The gallery featured some very interesting work that eventually led to the following essay. La obra de Manuel Álvarez Bravo es muy interesante porque sus fotografías son muy diferentes. Había una fotografía que vi … More Las obras de Manuel Álvarez Bravo y Roger Ballen

The Second Hike

In the mountains again. This is the second hike with everyone in the group instead of only half. Lodgings for the weekend are pretty good, but we also got the more luxurious buildings up there. No wifi, of course, but we had electricity, which was already pretty good. The hike starts soon after we arrive. … More The Second Hike

Sistemas Punitivos: Cárceles, Cadena Perpetua, y Pena de Muerte

The following is an essay I wrote during my first week of Spanish classes. We had talked about open versus closed prisons and started talking more about the different types of penalties for various crimes. I was asked to write about my thoughts about certain types of punishments and chose to write about regular prison sentences, … More Sistemas Punitivos: Cárceles, Cadena Perpetua, y Pena de Muerte

Mi Vida en Oaxaca

Me llamo Amanda. Soy de Texas, de Dallas. Yo soy estudiante de historia en la Universidad de Texas en Dallas. Yo estoy en Oaxaca para aprender español y la historia de Mexico. Oaxaca es hermosos, ocupado e interesante. Oaxaca es hermoso por los montañas, la vida de las plantas, la arquitectura y el arte de … More Mi Vida en Oaxaca

Cuidando Ángeles

For a couple of weeks now, I’ve been fortunate to have been provided with the opportunity to work closely with an organization, Cuidando Ángeles, that helps provide physical therapy and specialized education for children suffering with cerebral palsy. The organization is staffed by a couple of employees of the organization as well as by a couple of … More Cuidando Ángeles